At BGI we believe that music is a value in itself, alive and dynamic, that transcends and transcends the borders of the known, of the perceptible and that delves into the unfathomable of our being, taking us away and to other forms or dimensions in which our senses belittle.

In this sense, all of us who are part of Balms Group International, present in 27 countries on five continents, have launched this initiative that aims to highlight our common values through music. It is a collaborative project that seeks to enhance the sense of belonging of the entire team and adherence to a project focused on commitment to our clients and based on professional ethics. From Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Zambia, Algeria, United Kingdom, South African Republic, France, Tunisia Greece, Romania, Gibraltar, Austria, Cyprus, Hungary, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Mexico, Panama, Morocco, Equatorial Guinea , UAE o Russia, each and every one of us who is part of the Balms Group International shares the same values and we have found in music the most favourable way to put them in common.

If through this initiative we are able to generate a smile or generate a minute of hope and optimism when you visit this website and hear our anthem, what will we not be able to do in what we are professionals, which is legal and legal advice.