Both the music and the lyrics are the work of Francisco Lorenzo, associate lawyer at Balms Abogados as well as a great musician and composer.


Family of who was the Queen of the Cuplé, Olga Ramos. Her second cousin, the daughter of famed songwriter Olga Ramos, the artist, Olga María Ramos continues today to spread and interpret the musical genre of Cuplé successfully throughout the entire world.


Higher Conservatory of Music of Malaga, 7th year on piano and 3 years of singing.
Composer from an early age.
Gregorian Singing and Interpretation Specialist. Benedictine Solemmes Monastery, England (Quarr Abbey), formed by the official organist of the Monastery Dr. John Slater


  • He has been a pianist and keyboard player in different groups and styles of music. He has accompanied José Luis Perales, El Fari and the Sevillian flamenco artist José Rivas live. He was a finalist in the 2008 edition of Eurovision, remaining as finalist with the composition “Caminar en el amor” to represent Spain in said event.
  • He has collaborated in musical projects for cinema and TV with Javier de la Rosa, winner of the Goya award for the best BSO on the "Minimum Island".
  • He premiered together with the Malaga Baritone Carlos Álvarez the play "El Barbero de Sevilla" as 2nd tenor at the Cervantes Theatre in Malaga.
  • He has been a member of the mythical rock band Cosa Mala. Representative of Spain at the International Rock Festival sponsored by Jack Daniels in Nashville, Tennessee (USA). Attuned to the Andalusian cycling tour in 2011 and has been on the radio formulas and Canal Fiesta lists in the top 50 for many months with “Iberian Coast Route”, launch for the Iberian Coast Route, international association of tourism and accommodation for motorcyclists. The Red Bull Tour opened in Madrid in June 2015, playing in different locations in Madrid on the brand's legendary Rock Bus.
  • He was a finalist in the Andalusian Song Festival in 2008 and has participated in interviews, musical concerts on national radio and television.
  • He composed “Evangelium”, a 6-hour symphonic and scenic work selected by the Organizing Commission for the celebration of events for the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Spain.
  • He has directed the Schola Gregoriana Sancte Benedicte dedicated to the interpretation and dissemination of Gregorian chant. For years he courted the well-known procession of the Silence of Ronda, being a pioneer in incorporating Gregorian chants into the processionary process of the Brotherhood, which was news in many media for the innovation and uniqueness that was introduced in such a Holy Week procession known as Holy Wednesday in Ronda.
  • He has collaborated with a multitude of music bands and professionals in the music production sector, both in studio and live, and currently continues to compose, collaborating as an instrumentalist and producing music for artists and musicians from all over Spain.
  • He has recently participated in the musical project with the Malaga artist "Salvi Pariente" from Warner Spain, currently in development, with some compositions made and a release planned in the medium term.


The music, the lyrics and the rights of the same are being registered in the SGAE and have been donated to the Balms Foundation for Children.

We take this opportunity to send my sincere gratitude and appreciation to this great person who is Francisco, great musician and even best Lawyer, on behalf of all of us and our children.