A year ago, the possibility was discussed within the BGI, to provide the organization with a musical composition that would come in handy for BGI. After one of the bi-weekly work meetings of Balms Abogados, during our Happy Hour, turning to various issues and chatting about bits and bobs, Juan Luis Balmaseda de Ahumada, founder of Balms Abogados and Balms Group International, the first international network of associated and independent Law Firms, commented with Francisco Lorenzo Martínez this idea as a project that should become a reality in a short or medium term. An anthem for BGI, which in some way transmits the principles of the BGI family, their spirit of unity, teamwork, sense of family and international vocation, at the service of our profession and our clients. This initiative was also supported by other firms, members of BGI.

The project taking place, although relegated to daily activity. As always, the urgent leaves no time for the important. Like any project, it has its time and moment of hatching, in which the sensitivity for creativity perhaps finds the best opportunity or favourable moment for the situation, yes, with the invaluable help of the muses, in this case, of Euterpe, muse of music according to Greek and Roman mythology.

And this is when Covid-19 appears, at that moment of confinement in Europe and the rest of the world, mid-March, when Jean-Christophe Bouchard and his partner and wife Sarah Lugan, managing partners of NMW Law (BGI France and BGI Switzerland), propose the initiative of making a common project to make a video with images of all BGI members in the world, with photos of our different situation teleworking, confinement, intermediate measures, etc., depending on the circumstances and actions of each city, country or continent. A fun idea, in which, taking advantage of the fact that all BGI members have the polo shirts that have been made during almost thirty congresses that BGI has held, both in Europe and in America.

And that's when this project takes place. Merging both ideas we propose to edit a video clip with our anthem and the entire BGI family celebrating the beginning of the end of the crisis and confinement with a message of joy, hope, optimism and highlighting the values and principles of Balms Group International and the entire BGI family.

The reason is very simple, music is capable of making understandable and apprehensible what words cannot fully express. The language of music far exceeds the spoken language. Today, we are witnessing a true social and health drama that has tossed and continues tossing up thousands of citizens and homes around the world. The anxiety and stress generated by this situation of authentic uncertainty requires courageous gestures of humanity that remind us of where we came from, who we are, what we have been able to overcome and rebuild. In short, at the various crossroads, the occasion is conducive to questioning oneself and finding an explanation or explanatory feature that gives meaning to our existence. It projects into a future to be conquered, to demonstrate once again, despite unfavourable and hostile circumstances, that we can overcome any situation with effort, perseverance and tenacity. An existence like ours, without objectives, without direction, without effort, without falls, is not an existence, it would be like a blank score, incapable of being executed, since in every effort there are occasional missteps. But it is our intention to try to improve our environment for ourselves and for the people around us.

In this global social framework in which SARS-COV 2 tosses the global structures of the economy and questions the social norms that we all used to put into practice daily, it is natural to reflect on the importance of preserving our culture as a bulwark, from where we can start a much more ambitious and authentic reconstruction. For this reason, culture cannot be reviled or forgotten, since it constitutes the base on which our identity is founded and, above all, our greatness and freedom.

It goes without saying that the current situation generates certain elements of concern in society, which precipitates us towards a new unpredictable scenario and perhaps a new world to discover and define in a very short space of time. For this reason, and immersed in this unfavourable environment, is when we have the great opportunity to contribute and bring out the best in each one of us, so that together we can begin to sketch and draw the world we want for ourselves and future generations.

The effectiveness of music as a universal language has been used since the origins of humanity to identify a group with values and their culture. Music is a common space that offers us the possibility of guaranteeing ourselves a sense of belonging to something greater, beyond words. The very nature of the human being pushes us to continually discover, and with a renewed character, the environment in which we live.

Music is a universal and unique language that unites and weaves an invisible warp that helps us assimilate values in a more docile and simple way. In organizations, music is a vehicle of solidarity and friendship among its members and promotes respect among the people who are part of their reality.

Starting from Plato to the present day, the need for the human being to be "tossed" by beauty has been reflected on. There are many studies and essays by philosophers and scholars and of all times that have contributed tirelessly to us, and from various perspectives, the various and different aspects of why music is capable of generating change or a state beyond emotional in the person. In difficult times, there is no doubt in pointing to music as the one that is capable of making man come out of himself, of his own limitations, tearing him from resignation and awaken him by opening his eyes to the heart so that, once again, he lets himself surprise, and thus be the bearer of happiness and the conviction that this is not the time to slow down, but rather the opposite, to advance more decisively if possible. Music certainly shakes the mind, in the good and only sense, puts wings on the soul, and pushes us, powerful of ourselves, towards the conquest of a new goal even more complete. Certainly, the beauty embodied in music is an effective antidote against the evils of all time.

This small reflection serves to situate us beyond anecdotal or ornamental data, in the anteroom of convenience, having said the above, to offer our organization a musical anthem that knows how to bring together its reason of being and the vocation of service which is always called to fulfil in society. We have the opportunity to make our message even more visible and effective, so that, without complexes, we can speak directly and enter into frontal dialogue with people's hearts, touch their sensibilities, thereby increasing our social commitment to society, and also making them a participant. of our values, so that you can freely put them into practice and you can dream and draw a goal to direct all your actions in life.

A projection of our values through music is a unique occasion without precedent. A new worldview on the way of understanding the meaning and purpose of any organization, where without prejudice to arouse love for a job well done, dedication, sacrifice and generosity, it will undoubtedly surprise, its most lively communicative form capable of eliciting attitudes and resilience that are in such need right now.